Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Course-Meet Your Coach and Instructor!
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    • Turn Pain to Purpose Intro Course
    • WELCOME TO THE COURSE! What led you here?
  • 02
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    • 5 Reasons You are Searching
    • Words that Describe You
    • Revisit Your Assessment Worksheet!
  • 03
    The Formula to Freedom: Purpose
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    • Clues to Purpose
    • Clues To Your Purpose-Environmental Inventory
  • 04
    The Formula to Freedom: Calling
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    • Your Calling and Super Powers
    • What Are Your Super Powers? Worksheet
  • 05
    The Formula to Freedom: Mission
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    • Your Mission and Timeline
    • Milestones and Timeline Worksheet- Assessment Revisited
  • 06
    The Formula to Freedom: Destiny
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    • Your Destiny and Your End Goal
    • What Will They Say About Your Impact- Worksheet
  • 07
    The Formula to Freedom: Gifts
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    • Your Gifts- Pick up to 5
    • Gifts Inventory
  • 08
    Wrapping it Up
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    • Mission Statement
    • Star Reflection and Mission Statement Worksheet
    • Wrap It Up: What do you do now?
    • Where do you go next?

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