Executive Presence 101

Learn, Assess, and Build the 10 Characteristics | taught by Angie Nuttle

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Angie Nuttle
Angie Nuttle
Author | Speaker |Executive Business Coach

About the instructor

I'm a 25 year corporate leader turned business owner who went from sacrificing, surviving, and proving myself to realizing my God-given potential and getting serious business results.

I spent 3 years in Iraq as one of 16 females on my base facing harsh conditions and difficult challenges as a woman in a war zone. I learned the art of authenticity, resilience, and gaining the respect I deserve. I also learned how to ask for what I want.

I'm a working mom of three kids who figured out how to balance motherhood, marriage, and a whole life outside of work while struggling with my own confidence issues as a former foster child with a difficult past. God helped me through it all, along with a ton of tenacity and perseverance!

I answered the call of entrepreneurism and learned the nuts and bolts of running a successful business. I currently own two businesses:  

Corporate Talent Institute- A coaching and consulting firm focused on building teams, talent, and leaders in Business. I am founder of The School of Executive Presence, which is a division of my company.

VIP Center for Business Women: A co-working, meeting, event and airbnb space in Indianapolis for women in business

I've learned the ingredients of business success in both corporate environments and business ownership, and I've created systems, plans, and tools that I now use to help other women to walk in the favor that is waiting to be activated.

If I can overcome what I've been through, anyone can.  Including you. Let's realize your growth potential together!





Executive Presence is ruling business decisions. Just ask CEOS, business leaders, and executive coaches who say it's required to be successful and influential in today's business world. In this foundational online course, Angela Nuttle introduces the research, the definition of executive presence, and the 10 characteristics that make it tangible. Can you develop executive presence? Absolutely! Learn how by getting started with this first course.

Course Contents

3 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
1 Download
1.5 hrs