Executive Presence 101

Learn, Assess, and Build the 10 Characteristics | taught by Angie Nuttle

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Angie Nuttle
Angie Nuttle
Author | Speaker |Executive Business Coach

About the instructor

Angela Nuttle is a Corporate Talent Expert® and Executive Presence Coach® who teaches people to publicly speak, think, and operate with clarity and composure.  She has a specialization in executive presence, composure, and women in business.

As CEO of Corporate Talent Institute, she works directly with organizations and individuals in the areas of leadership development, talent development, and team building through coaching, programs, workshops, and courses.

She's partnered with companies like Roche, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and KBR, helping them develop strategies for leadership, talent potential, and processes that lead to productive and profitable business results.

Angela is the author of From INVISIBLE TO INCREDIBLE: the Secret to Brilliant Success, The School of Executive Presence Journal, and Compose Your Soul: How To Turn Your Daily Chaos into Calm Control.

Angela is the founder of The School of Executive Presence™which includes career changing experiences for aspiring leaders, high performers, and talented people who are serious about discovering and showcasing their value so they can move into their calling and potential. The school offers public events, workshops, a cohort program, private coaching, and an online on-demand platform.





Executive Presence is ruling business decisions. Just ask CEOS, business leaders, and executive coaches who say it's required to be successful and influential in today's business world. In this foundational online course, Angela Nuttle introduces the research, the definition of executive presence, and the 10 characteristics that make it tangible. Can you develop executive presence? Absolutely! Learn how by getting started with this first course.

Course Contents

3 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
1 Download
1.5 hrs