Executive Presence 5 Course Series

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Get the power-packed 5-part Executive Presence series that has people talking! Perfect for busy professionals at all levels, this series is designed to be informative and practical. When you select this series, you will receive 5 courses that include mini-teaches, workbooks, reflection questions, practical tools that can be immediately applied, and assessments. Get in the moment video coaching with practice scenarios. Also get bonus material and tips!

  • Course 1: Executive Presence 101 (Foundational presence, the research, self-assessment on the 10 characteristics).
  • Course 2: Mission, Mindset,and Mouth Methodology to Develop Executive Presence (Build authentic presence, deal with those inner critics and mindset gatekeepers that get in your way, and get practical conversation tools to structure your interactions with others in inspirational ways).
  • Course 3: The 5 Influencers and 3V's: This is a super meaty course with great mini-teaches on building influence, managing perceptions, and showing up like a rockstar business person in your body language, non-verbals, and more.
  • Course 4: Create Your Success Blueprint: Angie shares her formula for helping people to shine up their performance, image, exposure, and social agility. Powerpacked with assessment tools, templates, and action planning.
  • Course 5: The Fine Dining Method™ of Executive Presentation Skills: Highly sought after, Angie shares her template, structure, and influencing tips for exceptional executive presentation skills and dealing with difficult people in high stakes environments. You will learn how to structure your presentation based on the situation, and HOW to show up in the presentation with social agility.

Executive Presence 5 Course Series includes these courses

Executive Presence 101-Learn, Assess, and Build the 10 Characteristics
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Mission | Mindset | Mouth: Learn the methodology to build your Executive Presence
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Executive Presence: 5 Influencers and 3 V's/How to manage perceptions and influence people
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Create Your Success Blueprint: How to build performance, image, exposure, social agility
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The Fine Dining Method™ of Executive Presentation and Meetings
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